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May 17, 2002: a new LEGOLAND opens.
After Denmark, England, and the USA, Germany will receive the 4th LEGOLAND park. Located in Bavaria, between Ulm and Augsburg, LEGOLAND Günzburg is intended to be the best of the LEGO parks: including the top 40 attractions from the other parks in their latest versions.
More than just a showcase for the brand, the LEGOLAND parks have this particularity that they reserved the best place to teach in the heart of their project, as can be seen in our tour, which follows. "Design, build, and experiment" is the program illustrated by the title: "Hands On and Minds On", where the "Hands are building with the bricks while the "Mind" is open for learning.
The budget was more than 150 million Euros, 50 million LEGO bricks were used throughout the park, 80 designers collaborated in the preparation (see our "FOCUS" for more information), and 1.2 million visitors are expected in the first year with 1.5 million visitors expected in the second year. These are the key numbers for LEGOLAND Günzburg.
For the tour, follow the guide....


LEGOLAND LEGOLAND is divided into 7 zones or lands...

The Beginning
Two large towers topped with flags blowing in the breeze will help you spot the entrance from a distance. About twenty ticket booth stations will keep the wait short, even on the busiest weekends. Once through the entrance, you will find an information center, a café, and the largest LEGO store in the world.

This land is LEGOLAND's identity. It is the 1/20th scale reproduction of famous monuments. You will recognize Munich airport, the Reichstag, and also buildings from Venice, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Better yet: animated LEGO people ("friends") enliven this miniature world.

This is the "plus" zone where everything is faster, bigger, and more attractive than reality. You can learn to program a LEGO robot at LEGO Mindstorms, while at the LEGO Academy, the younger guests can participate in a series of educational workshops. LEGO Studios offers a 4D film experience in a 500-seat theatre where the guests encounter more than sight and sound. Then, to top it off, the Wave Rider offers a refreshing splash.

You will be invited to follow Joe Black, LEGO's hero, through the jungle. The Jungle Expedition is the park's largest attraction: You will discover the Amazonian wilderness in a canoe: the giant spider grotto, the man-eating plant, the dinosaur's lagoon, and finally reaching the top of an active volcano where you plunge 12 meters in a water drop.

The Safari Tour will allow you to experience 90 wild animals, all beautifully constructed full size in LEGO bricks.

This area is the heart of LEGO's educational project based on children's creativity. The building and test center is the heart of the land and offers the opportunity to play with more LEGOs than you ever imagined. The LEGO Arena in an outdoor theatre allowing 800 people to experience various shows. For the young guests, DUPLO Land offers a wonderful playground.

Here you enter a castle threatened by a dragon: it's footprints cover the inner courtyard. But, we will leave the rest for you to experience without a preview!

This city is very lively: pedestrians, airplanes, cars, harbors, highways and residential areas, all populated with LEGO "friends". The Station for the LEGOLAND Express is here as is the signature LEGO Motor School for children aged 6-12. Following a short entertaining theory course, the young guests drive their own cars through the course. A LEGO driving license is awarded at the end of the session. The LEGO Factory is for the real "brick" fans. There you can see how they are molded, decorated and assembled. A newly minted brick awaits you at the end of the tour.

LEGOLAND is designed for young guests aged from 6 to 12 years old. The diversity of the attractions, the quality on the models and LEGO people should appeal the parents and grand parents as well. The quality of the food and facilities, as always, are rated high at all the LEGO parks. LEGOLAND is where the children come first, but the parents and grand parents share the child's excitement and experience.
To know more about the design of LEGOLAND, check our FOCUS article.


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