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The IAAPA merits the respect due elders: the grand old lady was born in...1918. She was born in the USA, the only country at the time capable of giving birth to an International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. In 2001, the association counted some 5500 members, including leisure sites (amusement parks, theme parks, aquatic parks, zoos, aquariums, and family centres) and suppliers. In recent years, the development of leisure sites across the world has led to an increased internationalisation of IAAPA's activities. As evidence that the "I" in the acronym is today fully justified, 50% of the current members are outside the US. Moreover, 10 international representatives working as liaisons between the American Office and the IAAPA are present at numerous fairs throughout the world such as the Asian Amusement Expo and the Euroshow.


Its main activity is, of course, the promotion and development of the leisure and amusement park industry. This is carried out with the help of studies, programmes, projects, and training, all geared for the well being of the industry. It also collects and distributes statistical information related to the industry. As intermediary between industry professionals and government officials, the IAAPA has a particularly strong lobby in the US. In Europe, this task is delegated to Europarks, an independent but "friendly" organisation based in Brussels. Its most attractive function, however, is the role it plays as information-provider to industry professionals. A dozen publications are under its aegis, including Funworld and the International Directory and Buyers Guide, a directory of members that is published in November each year.
From November 14 to 17 of this year, the IAAPA is holding its annual convention-exposition in Orlando, Florida. No less than 800 companies will be represented and 21,000 visitors are expected. And this will be the 83rd edition of the convention! Further proof that the grand old lady is very much alive and kicking.


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