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A unique concept will be developed at Calais between now and the end of 2003. Imagine a place where you would play golf in the morning, kayak at lunch, get skiing certification from the Ecole de Ski Français in the afternoon and end your day with a mountain bike tour…If you're willing to dream it, Victory Park will do it.
The work, which will start in the autumn promises to be a Herculean task…and to continue with the mythological metaphors, it would involve a budget à la Croesus: close to 145 million euros!!! The cost will be shared equally between, banks, partners-including IMG Mac Cormack-and the public sector. If local communities, and notably the Calais municipality seem so generous it is because they have their own interests at heart…Calais wanted an ice skating rink? She'll have it. Calais wanted a swimming pool? There'll be one. Its football club deserved a stadium worthy of its exploits in the French Cup? Request, once again, granted. If you add to that an estimated 450 jobs created, you understand better Calais's interest.


Next to these new fittings, you have the famous Victory Park entirely devoted to sport. Let's take a little guided tour. The Golf are will include a full size course as well as mini-golf. The Swimming Boost is an original indoor pool: aside from waterslides you can choose to swim in a lane against a current or have your times recorded as you train. Aside from a traditional rink, Ice Rider proposes an obstacle course on ice. The Snow Dome is an indoor ski trail part of which will be reserved for the ESF (Ecole de Ski Français). With a shooting range, a mountain bike trail, a torrent for kayaking and canoeing, and a climbing wall all at their disposal, visitors will not have enough lungs. For the less sports inclined, there is a sports museum, shops and restaurants. Contrary to most other leisure parks, Victory Park expects to have regular visitors (that come one or more times a week). For them, various kinds of membership will be proposed. A traditional one-day ticket will cost about 20 euros. 650,000 visitors are expected annually.


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